Welcome to myty.ie

Online Portfolio and Diary

Welcome to the next generation of schooling - cloud computing!

myschoolyear.ie came about from working with Ty Co-ordinators, Principals and teachers for the past ten years.

The idea behind it to cut down on and time for both student and teachers. as an added bonus it eliminates 80% costs of materials and added cost such and ink, folders etc..

With this site we hope that it helps making running your school year and every school year a little easier.

myty.ie is a Clare based business making an environmentally and user friendly specifically tailored online programme that facilitates transition year students, teachers and schools across Ireland to upload their modules, information, assignments, etc…Great way to prepare for university. Another incentive for transition year students, enter your portfolio and if you win have your registration fees paid for the first year of college!

For teachers, no more hours spent trawling through tons of paperwork, students, no more excuses; “the dog ate my homework”... one click and its right there!

myschoolyear.ie, as the name suggests, works on the same concept but is tailored to suit each academic year.